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As an avid real estate enthusiast, Stephen Horton provides superior service and results for his clients. Growing up in San Antonio, Stephen is well versed in the different communities of the city and the nuances of buying and selling in the different neighborhoods that make San Antonio a top place to live in the United States. A graduate of Trinity University, Stephen holds degrees in business administration, finance, and economics that have proven extremely useful for his client's transactions. Additionally, his clients appreciate his extensive network of professionals, creative marketing skills, and honest advice.

Throughout his career Stephen has set several records for top sales in different neighborhoods as well as an impressive track record for selling homes quickly. When working with his clients he helps them initially identify their goals and then carefully plans with them the most effective and efficient way to execute them. During his spare time, Stephen invests in his own real estate projects managing all aspects of the project including the design, financing, construction, and marketing.

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Stephen Horton
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What do you love about San Antonio?

The diversity in our city. No matter where you come from, San Antonio welcomes you.